Jochem Jay Schmidt
15-Kashmir nomad family (7)-3.JPG

Kashmir nomads

At the age of 36 my love of high mountains, it's people and a long held dream of an Himalayan adventure, brought me to the Kashmir Valley. A valley between Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Range. It was called as "Heaven on Earth" by Jahangir " (1569-1627), "conqueror of the world", the amicable Mughal Emperor of India. Then not much had changed since Jahangir about the pastoral nomadic life of the nomadic people with their remarkable vitality and grace. I consider myself fortunate to have visited when it was safe and peaceful there. Unfortunately now with the presence of al-Qaida in Kashmir this way of life is now threatened by extinction.



15-Kashmir nomad family (7)-3.JPG
1-Dal Lake - Srinagar, 1979-44.JPG
2-Srinagar bakery-42.JPG
3-broken wheel axle-58.JPG
4-Kashmir nomad family at Sonamarg meadow.JPG
5-Kashmir nomad shepherds-40.JPG
7-Kashmir shepherd (2)-57.JPG
6-Kashmir shepherd at Sonamarg meadow-53.JPG
8-Kashmir shepherd-52.JPG
9-Kashmir tribal leaders at Sonamarg-54.JPG
10-Kashmir nomad family (2)-7.JPG
11-Kashmir nomad family (3)-8.JPG
12-Kashmir nomad family (4)-11.JPG
13-Kashmir nomad family (5)-9.JPG
14-Kashmir nomad family (6)-12.JPG
16-Kashmir nomad family-6.JPG
17-Kashmir nomads on the move-13.JPG
18-Kashmir boy with pack horse-48.JPG
19a-Rider in the clouds-37.JPG
19-Kashmir pack horse-5.JPG
20-sheep on their way to Baltal-18.JPG
21a-Thajiwas Glacier-17.JPG
21-Himalayan tree line-27.JPG
22-Kashmir truck driver-25.JPG
23-Kashmiri travellers on the back of a truck-24.JPG
24a-On the bus to Srinagar-36.JPG
24-Bus crash on the way to Srinagar-41.JPG
25-Bus stop on the roud to Leh-33.JPG
26-landslide on the road to Leh-26.JPG
27a-Ladakh potter-35.JPG
27-Nomads huddled in the rain on the Zoji La pass-16.JPG
28-On the Zoji La pass-14.JPG
29-Military convoy on the Zoji La pass-15.JPG
30-Tibetan stupas-19.JPG
31-Chorten on the Tibetan Plateau-32.JPG
32-Tibetan Plateau-31.JPG
33-Mountain road to Leh-39.JPG
34-Rangdum valley-49.JPG
35a-Weaver in Rangdum valley-2.JPG
35-Dead horse in Rangdum valley-51.JPG
36-From my tent in Rangdum valley-50.JPG
37-Ladakh shepherdes-56.JPG
38-Ladakh woman resting-47.JPG
39-Ladakhi mother and daughters-3.JPG
40-Old Ladakh shepherdes-55.JPG
41-Old Ladakh woman-46.JPG
42-Lamayuru monastery-23.JPG
43-Girl at Tibetan prayer wheels-20.JPG
44-Tibetan monks in the Lamayuru monastery kitchen-21.JPG
45-Tibetan nomad woman beading in her tent-28.JPG
46-walking up to the Lamayuru monastery-22.JPG
47-Tibetan monastery-4.JPG
48a-Tibetan boys-60.JPG
48-Tibetan nomad woman in her tent-29.JPG
49-Tibetan nomads, grandmother and daughter-30.JPG
50-Me resting while looking over the Tibetan Himalayan plateau-38.JPG
51-Me with Nun Kun peak (23,409 ft)  towering above me-59.JPG
52-Near Leh, Ladakh-34.JPG
53-Rice fields in Ladakh-1.JPG
54-Tibetan Mani wall-43.JPG